R-date x 2 (Advanced Rider Safe Course)

Back in December 2017 I went for my R-date after a year of riding. (This means I no longer display a yellow L plate and in a year I can ride any non-restricted bike)

All started off seemingly well. We met in the classroom, where a video was played and a refresher video from the Ls course reminding you about safety precautions etc. that should be taken while riding e.g. Vision, buffer zones

Image result for Red CB125E

We then headed out to the range where we each chose our bike for the day! I had a cute CB125E which suited me, the seat isn’t the comfiest but the height of it was perfect.

We begun by doing a few laps around the large rectangle to familiarise ourselves with the bike and parked up at the top of the range.

First off we practiced our slow speed straights, this is an assessment piece where you need to hold the bike in first gear and go at a pace where you do not exceed 15 seconds. At this point we were just practicing, becoming familiar with the friction zone etc. so we were not timed.

Then we ran through a number of other exercises, such as weaving between cones at various distances, riding in a circle between cones where the radius of the circles gets smaller and a number of other scenarios that are a bit more real world.

Eventually, it was time for the test and wow did my nerves kick in!

Attempts 1

You can lose 20 points and still pass unless you fail the emergency braking (going 20kms in 2nd gear and stopping within 11m of the instructor raising their hand is a pass).

  • I went through the S-bend with no issues. Off to a good start
  • Then I hit the line on the U-turn
  • Put my foot down and ran over a cat’s eye on the weaving
  • Went way way too fast on the slow straight (even though I’d practiced a hundred times)
  • I did pass the emergency braking though.. but I’d already lost too many points so, 28 points later, I had to re-book…


Before I re-booked I jumped back on my 250 and practiced. I had another lesson with Trudy from Mindset Road User Education (I met with Trudy prior to the first attempt also) and we went through most of the exercises that would be in the test/assessment.

I did get the Hang of the U-turns before I re-sat the R-date test but this is some of the practice Trudy captured of me 🙂

Attempt 2

The next available date was the 5th Jan 2018. So again, I rocked up at Rider Safe again and went through all the practice exercises but this time when it came to the assessment I was the 2nd person up so slightly less time to get super nervous.

I made it through all the exercises with full marks, except the slow straight. As I was still nervous my hands were physically shaking so I moved those damn handle bars too much and hit the line right at the end so lost 5 points and 1 point for doing it in 14 secs instead of 15 secs.

Overall, 6 points on my second attempt compared to 28 points on my first I think is a great improvement lol

I never want to attend this range again for an assessment, many hours of sleep were lost stressing over the assessment before hand!


Thanks again to Trudy at Mindset Road User Education for taking the time out of your busy schedule to squeeze in a couple of lessons for me. The lessons made such a difference not only for the R-date test but for my general on-road riding!

Thanks also to a number of my friends who came and watched me practice and helped me draw up a mock course!

How did you find your Advanced Rider Safe Course?


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