September ’17 Update

Sorry readers,

I’ve been a bit quiet recently but I have been getting out and about on the bike!

The weather is slowly warming up and the rain letting off so I’ve jumped on the opportunity to ride whenever possible 🙂

R-date practice

We drew up the course for the R-date using some rough measurements from Google Maps on a quiet one-way street so I could practice.


R-date course from Google Maps – you can use the measurements to draw it out!


Have to admit, practicing for the R-date does not bring out my strong skills. I am a very impatient person so, walking the route and then trying to master it on my bike and constantly failing is extremely frustrating!

Can’t say I managed to improve much, my u-turns are too wide. My weaving sucks and I’m still a little too fast on the slow pace straight but my feet are up which is a positive! Just have to keep practicing 🙁






Practice makes perfect!


I headed out with the Adelaide Motorcycle Scene group and what a turn out!

There was approximately 26 riders for Gwenda’s final ride. 

Such a large group trying to navigate roundabouts proves an interesting task. We came to a stop at the Buffalo and headed back up to good ol’ Vilis! Unfortunately, it started raining so our plan to head further up the coast was scrapped.

First time riding in the rain for me, thankfully it was only light and let off as we got closer to home as I really wasn’t in the mood to test my skills!

Small group


5 of us got together this weekend and rode the coast and came back down through the hills to windy point. I just had my bike serviced and checked by Mototech Services and my goodness it made a huge difference!

My handlebars were slightly off which Joe adjusted and wow I basically had to learn how corner all over again but it was for the better! Riding the windy roads through McLaren Vale were much less nerve racking now the bike goes where you expect it too. It was so exciting 🙂

Riding with the groups has shown that the 250 really isn’t made for it. I don’t like thrashing the bike so I always end up at the back of the pack. More incentive to get my r-date so I can buy something a little bit bigger. Maybe an R3?

Stay Safe,



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