Ride/Route: Foothills 1

Route/Directions: Here

Skill level: Level N2
Points of Interest: Amberlight Motorcycle Cafe, Big Rocking Horse
Ride Time: 1.5-2 hours

Review by T
This is a great route for those who want to see some of Adelaide’s tourist attractions and experience the wind in their hair!


Leg 1 – Tea Tree Gully to Amberlight

Starting at the bottom of the foot hills you enter the road heading towards the infamous Chain of Ponds (COP) route. In this route you will turn off onto Tippet Rd keeping it at the N1 level.

I’d only ever ridden up the COP section of North East Road as a pillion and honestly I was a bit spooked back then but overall I actually had a great time riding solo along it! Take the corners at your own pace, for me the warning signs were a great indicator of what to expect. Be very aware that there may be cyclists and also, cars who choose to come down the wrong side of the road! (Unfortunately, I witnessed this myself…)

Stop off for lunch at the Amberlight Motorcycle Cafe where you are sure to see some of your fellow riders.

Leg 2 – Amberlight to Hahndorf

Enjoy a beautiful ride through Woodside, pass by places such as Melba’s Chocolate Factory, country estates, horses, cows and feel the fresh country air flow around you!

While your stomach may be full with the wonderful food offered at the Amberlight, don’t stress as Hahndorf has plenty to offer

Hahndorf is classified as Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement and each year thousands of people, young and old, enjoy its charm and the hospitality.

Hahndorf is one of my favourite places to visit, lined with trees and full of country charm. I recommend you visit Makers Mark for those who love their jewellery or want to pick up a present for the Mr/Mrs *wink wink nudge nudge*, or get those senses tingling and drop by Candle Makers and for those with a sweet tooth check out Humbugs of Hahndorf

Leg 3 – Hahndorf to Adelaide

If Hahndorf doesn’t seduce you into staying overnight, head back home via the South Eastern Freeway. This road forms part of the corridor from Melbourne, at 90-110kms per hour you’ll want to pay attention!

The cross winds on the freeway make for an interesting ride especially for those lighter bikes and remember, stick left unless overtaking. Catch a break from the wind when you enter the tunnels and hear your baby ROAR.

I loved this route and hope you do too! What other places do you recommend stopping by along the way?


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