Skill Levels

When publishing routes/rides Riding with T mentions skill level; here is a definition of each level sourced from Potomac Ridge Riders

Level 1
Level 1 – BEGINNER

You have very little or no riding experience, but are fairly comfortable using a clutch and braking. You would require more experience and training to ride easily in wet or windy weather conditions, on very curvy roads, at high speeds, or for long periods. You have little or no experience with unsurfaced roads such as gravel or dirt.

“Beginner” divided into 3 levels:

  1. Level B1: Riders who have never ridden or sat on a bike.
  2. Level B2: Riders who have not ridden in many years, and/or have not fully grasped the concept of using a clutch and shifter
  3. Level B3: Riders who have taken a few lessons or have ridden before but still struggle with basic motorcycling techniques such as braking or shifting.
Level 2
Level 2 – NOVICE

You have minimal riding experience, but have been riding for at least one season. You feel fairly confident riding in wet or windy weather conditions. You are comfortable with most curves and leans, and are capable of performing emergency procedures such as fast braking and swerving. You have little or no experience with unsurfaced roads such as gravel or dirt.

“Novice” divided into 2 levels:

  1. Level N1: Riders who have ridden a few times or haven’t been on a bike for a few years. A person in this level may experience difficulty maneuvering well when climbing and descending hills as well as navigating sharp turns.
  2. Level N2: Riders who can ride a motorcycle but do not feel overly comfortable riding up and down hills, hairpin bends or roads that link of several turns.
Level 3

You can ride well at higher speeds and on roads with extreme curves or steep ascents and descents. You have a good understanding of body language as it applies to motorcycle riding, as well as the mechanics of how a motorcycle works. You have no difficulty with most inclement weather conditions. You have some experience with unsurfaced roads.

Level 4
Level 4 – ADVANCED

Riders who are comfortable riding in all weather conditions and most surfaces and who have ridden for many years, but who still need to fully develop and perfect their technique. You can easily ride for long periods (4-5 hours).

Level 5
Level 5 – EXPERT

Riders who are able to confidently ride on any surface regardless of terrain and in all weather conditions, without experiencing difficulty. You can ride for extended periods of time (7-8 hours) without tiring.


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