What does T wear?

Recently there have been lots of posts about “Dress for the slide, not the ride” and there was a time that I would’ve ignored this advice and jumped on the bike in whatever I was wearing that day!

I’ve ridden pillion in miniskirts and non-protective shoes and didn’t think too much of it, as long as I was wearing a helmet….. #Idiot.

I am really glad I was never involved in an accident and since getting my own bike, I won’t jump on without my gear!

Now there are plenty of people who agree or disagree with wearing gear but you won’t see me dressed like the girl at the top of this post (sorry to disappoint lol) and quite frankly my motorbike gear makes me look frumpy but I’d rather look unattractive temporarily while I’m riding, than permanently because I couldn’t be bothered with gear.

Currently I wear:

I spent just over AUD$1,000 on my gear and purchased it from Peter Stevens & SA Motorcycles.

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Helmet:  HJC IS-17 Pink Rocket
While I’m not usually a fan of hot pink I love this helmet because it ensures I stand out while on the road.

It also came with a Pinlock 100% Max Vision Anti-Fog Insert and built-in sun shield which is an absolute must – there were a number of helmets that became ‘off the market’ for me purely because they didn’t include a sun shield!

This helmet is pretty sturdy but speeds above 80km/h you start to feel it get pushed around by the wind. The noise suppression isn’t great but for my first helmet and considering I didn’t want to spend the money for a Shoei, I am pretty happy.

Photo taken by Reece Warren’s Photography

Jacket: RST Brooklyn II
Money well spent! This baby keeps me warm and cool. I am always cold and I’m so glad I choose this jacket.

On a summer’s day, the Brooklyn II keeps me cool with its mesh venting and reasonably light weight. For those wetter days, zip-in the water proof lining, and on those cold days (<25°C is cold for me lol) zip-in the quilted/thermal layer. Essentially it’s an all weather jacket and I love it!

There are adjusters along the back, arms and wrists to ensure that it fits snugly. My only annoyance is there ends up being too many zips! Whenever I have one of the liners in you can guarantee I’ll zip it out just trying to get the jacket off!



Jeans: Draggin (Drayko) Jeans Racey Kevlar
My goodness, these are the most expensive pair of pants I have ever owned. Unfortunately, they’re not the most comfy 😦

I love that my Draggin Jeans have Kevlar and I noticed it seems to go a bit further down when compared to male jeans but that may be because I am a bit of a shorty (~5’6″)

I literally tried on every single pair of female jeans I could find in Peter Stevens and tried them on again… while I am happy with the protection these jeans provide. They’re not the most comfortable pair of jeans I own and I would upgrade as soon as I find something better!

Shoes: Alpinestars Stella Ladies SMX-6 Road Boots
They take a few minutes to slide on, and I am often fiddling with the Velcro to get them just right but this is mainly due to my jeans. As I can’t wear the jeans outside the boots, I have to tuck them in and it takes some time to ensure nothing ends up rubbing. Nothing worse than having to pull over because my jeans/boots are driving me nuts!

With these boots, when I’m riding I am confident that I won’t slip off the shifter; before I got these boots I often slipped or had difficulty shifting up and there’s even sliders on the side just in case!

In summary, whether riding solo or pillion that’s what I wear now! I like to be protected as much as possible. What do you wear?


2 thoughts on “What does T wear?

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  1. That helmet! 🙂

    I found my Draggin jeans “wore in” after a while and got more comfy. Also comfier when wearing a pair of leggings underneath. My first pair are over a decade old now so even though they are an expensive outlay, they’ll go the distance.

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    1. That’s great to hear! I would be upset if I had to spend that kind of money every couple years

      I have been wearing my thermal leggings recently but I think most of my issue is related to finding jeans that fit around my waist but aren’t massively baggy around my legs. Current pair are tight around my waist but fit perfectly around my legs 😦


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