Lane Filtering – yay or nay?

Well, it’s all the talk here in SA – Lane Filtering officially became legal on the 15th April 2017 for those that hold their R-date or R-class licence!!

While, it doesn’t immediately affect me as a rider as I am still on my L’s. I personally think it is a great step forward for those who ride and drive safely!

Yes, we will still get the idiots who lane filter when it’s not safe to do so, or the cars that specifically sit further right in their lane so they can’t be filtered but not much can be done other than educate, educate, educate!

Overall I think it will improve safety of riders. I’ve noticed cars seem to underestimate the distance between their bonnet and the back of our bikes and it’s an awfully bloody scary feeling watching in your mirrors to see if the car will brake in time when you could easily avoid the situation by filtering.

What are your thoughts about Lane Filtering?

Leave your opinion below

Not sure what this means for you as a driver or rider? See more info on the MyLicence website here


12 thoughts on “Lane Filtering – yay or nay?

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  1. I lead towards the nay but I’m an old guy. Lane splitting is a young persons game. Not worth the risk to me. To much assumption that the other guy sees me. I like my bike to much and my bones much more to add more risk to the game.

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    1. Fair enough; I personally really only do it if the gap is huge

      There is a difference between lane splitting and filtering here; splitting is essentially weaving through traffic at any speed regardless of surroundings

      Filtering is only allowed if traffic is doing less than 30kms and essentially only down the middle on a two lane road or on the right of the car on a single lane road (so no filtering next to the kerb, cyclists, parked cars etc)


  2. Over here in the UK it is and has been, as long as I have been aware, legal, although I’ve only been riding for 10/11 years.
    There are of course those riders who abuse the privilege… on the M25, people seem to be in such a hurry that no gap is too small and riders will filter even if the flow of traffic is at 70/80 mph. I was always taught not to filter if it means going over 50mph, and never more than about 10mph faster than the traffic.
    The biggest benefit for me is stationary traffic, which I pass a lot. At traffic lights, for example, I think it is considered a lot safer to be at the front and to get out of the way of the cars. Unfortunately, many car drivers in the UK don’t particularly pay attention to other road users and particularly bikes!
    In my opinion, filtering is a good thing.

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  3. Filtering was something I was hesitant to do at the start, but is now something I cannot live without. Here in VIC the speed limit is 30 kms. If you’ve ever been on one of the major freeways in the morning you’d understand why filtering is a blessing. The freeways are essentially a car park, and my commute went from 1.5 hours down to 35 minutes.
    As with anything ride related don’t be in a rush to do it just because legally you can, start small (a car or two at a time) and build it up until like using the indicators without looking, it becomes 2nd nature.
    All the best in your riding!

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    1. Same law here in regards to the 30kms; yes I have spent some time on Vic roads especially the freeways near the CBD or coming from an airport! Can definitely see how it would be beneficial over there

      We’ve only got a few roads here in SA that bank up and it would never be as bad as Vic. We’re a small country town in comparison lol


  4. Hurrah for the government for using common sense but this law change isn’t going to affect my riding. And I doubt that motorists are going to go out of their way to accommodate the new rule, nor police enforce driver behaviour regarding leaving space between them.If they’d introduce a 100mph endorsement for upskilled riders and drivers, or a 1 plate/multi vehicle rule, then they’d have my attention.

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  5. Now. If we could get all the states make the rules uniform across the nation that would be another giant step.
    Like in NSW you can’t filter on the hard shoulder (legally) at any speed. But here in QLD you can if the posted speed limit is 90kmh or more and traffic is moving at 30kmh or less
    And we can filter past buses and trucks… NSW you can’t (legally that is).

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    1. Uhm wow talk about confusing!

      I personally find it ridiculous that we have differing laws between states. Road rules and laws in general should be the same across the entire country.

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