Riding as a Pillion

For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with cars and bikes (my Mum will tell you otherwise, apparently if she started the vacuum or lawn mower up anywhere near me as a child, I’d scream the house down!) I still am jumpy but I love cars and bikes!

I have ridden pillion more times than I can count and I love the freedom you feel when you’re on a bike. Feeling the wind through your clothes, the vulnerability but at the same time being able to feel the heat of the sun, the coolness of the shade. It’s nothing like being inside the protective bubble of a car where you (or someone else) dictates the climate control. You’re letting Mother nature control the weather! All you have to worry about is staying upright.

Being pillion is great but I recommend never getting on the back of a bike with someone known to be a “show off”; wheelies and tricks may look cool but remember being pillion is putting your life in someone else’s hands! Find someone you trust and jump on 🙂

I hope to god they have a comfy pillion seat when you do jump on (like the Suzuki GSXR and NOT like the Triumph Daytona), squeeze your knees into their legs and press your hands into their sides and enjoy! Let your body move fluidly with theirs, especially if you’re on a sports bike. I suggest not looking at the ground and if you’re ever feelings scared as you go around a corner the absolute worst thing to do is tilt your body.

The person you entrusted is in control; tilt your body the wrong way and it’s all over red rover! Trust that they know what they’re doing and let your body follow theirs. Personally, I hold on with my legs and rest my hands on my own knees, but that’s because I am always comfortable with the person I ride with. Even so, make sure you hold on tight when you’re about to take off from a stop or you might be left behind with a sore butt!

Every now and then you may need to re-adjust; acceleration often smooshes you forward, right into the driver. This can put pressure on their wrists and back so, when you’re safely stopped and both their feet are flat on the ground take a moment to shuffle backwards (try not to scratch the seat!)

Safe riding all 🙂



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